Pictures. Trees. Parks. Families.

“Good morning, students.”

“Good morning, Teacher!”

“Oh my… Such enthusiasm! Delightful! Are you ready to present your assignments?”


“I see… Don’t be timid, chickens! Share your image, tell us the song, then explain…. Oh me oh my. I’ve forgotten all the rules. Can anyone remember? Billy Bobby Joe? I see you desperately waving your hand.”

So a picture is worth a thousand words?
Songs, with far less words, paint worthy pictures,
And tell stories, like family trees! Deterred?
Don’t be. Trees grow in parks. Take this mixture:

Pictures. Trees. Parks. Families. Territory
Defined. Your assignment? Tell a story. ~ Billy Bobby Joe, with eyes closed

“Very good, Jimmy Johnny Ray!”

“Billy Bobby Joe.”

“Tomato, to-mah-to. I’m complimenting you on your words.”

“But those are your words. And that’s not my name.”

“You parroted them perfectly. You’ll make a fine husband one day. In fact, I was about to ask, ‘Who wants to go first?’ However, I think you just ‘but-ted’ yourself into being our first volunteer.”

The Wind Sweeps through the Pines

“Gorgeous. Song and lyrics?”

It’s a low and lonesome song when the wind sweeps through the pine. ~ The Lone Bellow, “Fake Roses”

“And your story?”

“Teacher, I asked Mee-Maw if I could use a picture of her in front of her trailer, but she took out her teeth, SPIT at me, and swore–”

“Thank you, Buddy Sonny Junior! Anybody else ready to share? Frank?”

Willow Tree_Turning Back On Inclement Weather

“Beautiful! Song and lyrics?”

The willow turns his back on inclement weather. ~ Wings, “With a Little Luck”

“Perfect! Where was that taken?”

“Chicago. Where my dad comes from.”

“And your story?”

“With a little luck, we would stop visiting my dad’s boring old stomping grounds and go eat more pizza.”

To Be Continued

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