The Camping Towel

Around 1993 I went to a sale of unclaimed Lost & Found items. I bought two items: an umbrella, and a towel. $1 each.

I still own both (I think). That umbrella is… around. Somewhere. I live in LA. Umbrellas are like family in this town: irreplaceable at the right moment; best kept out of sight the rest of the time.

(Wow. I’m going to pay for that comment. __(your name here)__, I’m not talking about YOU. I promise!)

That towel, though?

The Camping Towel

That towel went on EVERY camping trip for years and years and years. It served as my “all-purpose towel” on every camping trip for more than two decades.

It went here:

Mountain Meadow

And here:

Mountain Meadow_2

You get the picture. That poor $1 towel is prominent in dozens of my pictures, laying around the campsite, drying in the sun, waiting to dry me off from the next freezing river or an all-too-brief-because-not-enough-quarters campground shower.

Finally, Cindy bought me a lovely new towel for Christmas.

Last year.

It’s time to break it in, don’t you think?

3 thoughts on “The Camping Towel

    • If you look carefully at the towel, you will find notes sewn into the lining telling the history. Unfortunately, if you remove the notes, you destroy the towel. It’s a little bit like cutting down a redwood just to count the rings…


  1. I remember that towel too! Nice story. I love the LA umbrella line, and yes I am sure you’re in big trouble. But I think it was worth it 🙂


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