Ignore the Headlines

Signing in to write this post, I passed by the gloomy headline, “Disaster Inside a Disaster.”

Ugh. OK. We get it. Give us the news, please, not your negative editorial.

Here are three pairs of opposite perspectives, meant to remind us all that we can’t control what happens to us, we can only control our responses.

Top of the Mountain / Down in the Valley

Soaring / Earthbound

Blue Skies Ahead / Fog Rolling In

It’s all beautiful.

Without denying what is happening, we can label our circumstances to change our perspective. Instead of “suffering,” try “surviving.” Not “barely coping,” but “adapting.” Not “knocked down,” but “getting stronger.”

4 thoughts on “Ignore the Headlines

  1. I like your positive post!
    I also like the puffy clouds in that one picture with the blue sky!!
    I am constantly reminded to remember perspective. I need to hear it often from as many people as possible….

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