Valley of Fire: Mouse’s Tank Trail

There are already so many sites and breakdowns about Mouse’s Tank trail. What can I add?

Is it really a 30 minute hike?

Yes. Don’t take pictures. Don’t explore off the trail. Don’t admire the many petroglyphs. You can be back in the car in 30 minutes!

Is it worth it?

No. You might get get sand in your shoes. Or absorb vitamin D from all the yucky sunshine. Or — ugh, I can hardly say it — learn something.

You’ve been warned.

I’m feeling extra helpful. So here’s what it is:

And here’s what it isn’t:

2 thoughts on “Valley of Fire: Mouse’s Tank Trail

    • Yes, very beautiful, and while there are definitely fewer hikers as the day gets hotter and hotter, I probably passed 20-30 people coming and going. Even so, at times I was the only person on stretches of the trail, but I never felt alone. I felt as though I was being watched the entire time. (Bighorn sheep? Ghosts? Satellite cameras? You decide!)


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