Find Your Voice

Happy New Year!

Although this blog is meant to include the National Park Service, there are many different topics to come (as will be foreshadowed in my as yet unposted Introduction Part II… Part III… and Part IV).

That said, lately I am seeing the NPS everywhere. Yesterday, while viewing the Rose Parade floats in Sierra Madre, I spotted this truck:

NPS Truck Profile

I think they were there to provide a diversion primarily for children, and the volunteers (or are they employees?) probably thought my enthusiasm a little overboard, not knowing that their message of “Find Your Park” was being interpreted in my mind more as, “Write Your Blog.”

NPS Find Your Park Kiosk

That takes me back to the point about my introduction. I was explaining how I am finding my voice through uniting all my interests in this blog, which is really meant to be a forum for telling all our stories.

All that to say to the NPS, “Message received.”

Next up: Introduction: Part II.

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