Spain: Park Güell

Campfire Tales promised you a glimpse of some “national parks, should-be parks, and multiple World Heritage sites.” So far, this visual tour encompassed locations in Italy, Croatia, and Slovenia.

Finally, our last destination – Park Güell, in Barcelona, Spain – is both a public park and a UNESCO World Heritage site, designed by Antoni Gaudí.

Rain kept our visit shorter than anticipated, and made taking photos extremely challenging. We would have stayed longer, but the treasure trove of Gaudí architectural sites all over Barcelona, with only one day to see them, meant moving fast.

If that’s your thing (I didn’t expect it would be mine — I was wrong!), give yourself at least a couple of days for the site tours with long breaks scheduled between them to allow yourself the time to stay longer anywhere you are inspired, to absorb the incredible attention to architectural detail, to eat a few tapas (play the “tapas lottery,” and order items without seeking their translation first), or walk through the many beautiful parks.

Can I please go back for another, closer look? Please?

Here’s the park in 1903 (my photo of their photo from the exhibit in the building seen above) and 2018:

More information:

Park Güell

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