Spies Like Them

Have you seen this new mini-series, Spy in the Wild? I’ve only seen one episode, but it immediately became my new favorite summer show.

This show is extremely delightful. The basic concept might be a bit ho-hummy “filming animals in nature,” but what makes this so different is how they do it, and the amazing results.

Using animatronic “spy” cameras, such as a Spy Orangutan, they manage to film the animals undisturbed in their natural environment, revealing their emotions, behavior and intelligence.

Not all the spies are completely (or even remotely) convincing, such as Spy Squirrel, but even then, Mr. Squirrel steals the Spy Nut from the imposter and gives the camera a ride up a nearby tree.

So funny, too! The real squirrel pretending to bury his nut in order to trick another squirrel proved almost as hilarious as the orangutan having a sawing contest with one of the spy cameras.

Besides, without a spy camera, here’s the best I can do in the way of nature photography:


Even getting that shot took me waaaaaayyyyyyyyy too long. Right before I snapped it, the gopher turned to me and was all, “Hey buddy, you gonna take the shot? I haven’t got all day.”

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