Let’s Go Camping!


(photo by Nikita Velikanin, courtesy of Unsplash)

This picture reminds me so strongly of an idyllic last-minute camping trip to Yosemite** I took a few years back with my friend Cindy, which reminds me that Cindy and I have an upcoming trip to a few Utah parks scheduled for September I mentioned here.

That, plus the weather lately, and I suddenly have an overwhelming urge to go camping.

Thought I’d share the sentiment so we can all catch camping fever.

** Such a perfect trip. We managed to get a secluded campsite on the Merced riverbank with a view of Yosemite Falls. Perfect weather. Delicious food. Great company.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Go Camping!

  1. Yes! I just got back from one of those “world travel” vacations, and now all I want to do is sit by that fire and sip some hot cocoa while watching the world wake up.


    • Ah yes, the “morning fire!” Fire smoke at night is such a nuisance, with everyone shuffling their chair around the fire to avoid the cloud. Yet in the morning, there’s nothing better than that smell and the visual of the smoke. Somehow, it gives the campsite a feeling of times long gone by…


      • One of my favorite childhood memories: waking to the smell of campfire smoke on our yearly trips to the High Sierras. My grandpa always got up before anyone else (probably due to the habit of early hours at O’Keefe Merrit) and had the campfire going first thing. It’s a tradition I’m happy to continue.


      • I remember driving early in the morning on 395 a couple years back, headed to camp in the High Sierras. Passing through Big Pine, the Copper Top BBQ restaurant was just firing up their BBQ for the day (it’s in their “front yard”) and I got a whiff of the smoke. I rolled down my window to get more, and discovered that the cool morning air also had that fresh pine smell. Instant happiness!


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