Wednesday Words on the Wild: Camping

For better and worse, camping shows you who you are. ~ Dan White, Under the Stars

Camping in the Rain

As evidenced in the photo above, taken during a camping trip to Twin Lakes in the eastern Sierras, the rainfly on my tent proved insufficient to keep out the rain, the trench dug to divert water flowing downhill around the tent was not very effective, and the borrowed shelter contributed minimal protection. Mostly, it barely kept the rainfly dry.

I’m still not sure how so much water got through the zipper. The inside of the tent required mopping up that night, and everything needed airing out after the rain stopped.

When I think back on that day, I remember how close I came to packing up and going home. Had I done so, I would have missed the hike that led to this, one of my favorite experiences ever:

Barney Lake, 2015

Barney Lake, 2015

If I had to summarize what this camping experience showed me about myself (selecting one positive aspect, and one area that needs work), I can honestly say that I rarely give up, but that I also concentrate with short-sightedness on what is difficult in the moment and not on the benefits to come.

Maybe everyone does the same, so I’ll apply the lesson a bit more personally.  Next time I get mired in the who, what, when, where and how of a situation, I challenge myself to focus instead on the why.

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