Wednesday Words on the Wild: Balance

Since our Earth is not completely rigid, as it rotates on its axis, centrifugal force causes the equator to bulge. This is the same force that causes you to fling to the side of a giant spinning wheel in a theme park. The non-uniform gravitational force of the Sun and the Moon will pull on this bulge and causes the Earth to wobble as it spin around it axis, just like a spinning top that is almost falling off.

Technically, this wobble is called precession. ~ My Dark Sky

Last week, I survived one of those encounters with a boss that threw me completely off balance. I struggled to correct my emotional course for the next several days, until I remembered one of my favorite terms, “precession.”

My personal definition is much looser than the one above. What are astronomical terms for, if not to repurpose them as they apply to our daily lives, right? So then, what do I call the wobble I’m experiencing after a particularly eye-opening Tribal Council at my place of employment?

“Precession,” of course.

That definition inspires me to proclaim, “If the entire planet proceeds with precession, so can I!”

Fortunately, next weekend includes a vacation near Sequoia National Park. I’m eagerly anticipating the return of my balance as a result.

“Balance” in this context means two things. Not just, “Time spent in nature equal to time in urban surroundings,” but also, “Stagger-free.”

Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit. ~ Edward Abbey

Here’s a little visual balance to tide us all over:

Crater Lake Rim Reflection

Crater Lake Rim

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