Sisters Are Doin’ It (For Each Other)

Isabella Lucy Bird (married Bishop) - a nineteenth century writer, humanitarian, and famed Victorian traveler, who became the first woman elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society (among other major accomplishments) - was born October 15, 1831. Happy Birthday, ILB! During her travels, Isabella wrote letters she would later compile, edit and publish into books (still in print … Continue reading Sisters Are Doin’ It (For Each Other)

The Grasshopper Complex: Part III

Every night last week, the wind sighing from out of Zion N.P. canyons rustled through the ginkgo biloba tree beside my tent in Watchman Campground. The soothing sound of fluttering leaves reminded me of water gently washing over river rocks and sand in a gold pan. Oh, the delightful natural music of Fall! Then on the last day of my trip, … Continue reading The Grasshopper Complex: Part III

Bumpass Hikers: The Foolish

A hike to the geothermal area in Lassen Volcanic National Park known as "Bumpass Hell" in 2015 revealed a smorgasbord of hiking styles: prepared, not prepared, polite, rude, curious, oblivious, observant, selfish, selfless, etc. So let's count down the winners (and losers)! THE FOOLISH 3. THE BOY WHO CRIED "OUCH!" = In a general sense, third place goes to the many, … Continue reading Bumpass Hikers: The Foolish