Cure for a Camper

As promised, here’s my other favorite float, which also serves as a tonic for mid-winter camping withdrawals:

Can you blame me, though?

Children, camping, and curing cancer! They had me at the, “I Heart Camp mug.”

Rose Parade Viewing_Leting Kids Be Kids Float_1

And THEN I saw the campfire. Seatbelts on the logs.

Buckle in for some stories, kids!

Rose Parade Viewing_Leting Kids Be Kids Float_6

More info on the float here.

See you again soon. Ribbit!

Rose Parade Viewing_Leting Kids Be Kids Float_2

2 thoughts on “Cure for a Camper

  1. Yes but did the kids on the float move using robotics?
    I watched the Hallmark Channel Holiday classic “A Rose for Christmas” and apparently, in the cut-throat moving float profession, robotics are now de rigueur………


    • I think when the float is moving, the children do the Limbo. At least in my mind they do.

      Sadly, the most impressive float was an underwater tableau with a whale that moves up and down, but when the float is parked the whale is in the down position and it just looks like the whale snapped in half. Same with a giraffe on another float, looking like it’s got a broken neck.

      It’s the dark side of the Rose Parade. Open robotics = disturbing images.


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