Zion Vacation Homestead

Want a place to take the family over the holidays? Planning a reunion with your college friends? Need a quick weekend getaway for a little rest and relaxation?

How about this cozy little shack*?

Nestled deep in the heart of Zion National Park, the Gus Larson cabin is the perfect solution to all your vacation needs. Only a quick mile (-ish) hike or horse ride – perfect for the kids! – along the Taylor Creek trail, this charming one-room historic site transcends its structurally unsound qualities with majestic views of Kolob Canyon:

Zion_Taylor Creek Trail_1

Creekside access:

Zion_Taylor Creek Trail_2

And talk about spacious! The uses for this room are limited only by your imagination, the distance from any amenities, and laws against trespassing:

Zion_Taylor Creek Trail_Larson Cabin_3

If you need even more room (kind of a “mother-in-law” addition), try the Arthur Fife cabin – only another mile (-ish) further down the trail:

Zion_Taylor Creek Trail_Fife Cabin_1

(*Campfire Tales does not endorse the violation of any Federal Historic Preservation Laws. Also, when visiting, please follow these basic rules.)


2 thoughts on “Zion Vacation Homestead

    • Yes, it’s rough when the rules imposed on us by the government, our employers, or “polite society” are stricter than the ones we apply to ourselves at home. You have my sympathy (if not an invitation to Air B&B on my property).


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