Nature Takes a Stand

We’ve already established that I’m not a great wildlife photographer (okay, okay, not a great photographer period), but today with Daylight Savings Time reminding me how time waits for no one, I thought I’d revisit an occasion or two where nature decided to help me out by standing still.

Here’s my favorite. Not only did this deer pose for multiple pictures, it never ran away. I actually waited until it moved (back to grazing) for proof of life.

Posing Deer

Two more great posers:

Posing Crab

Posing Bunny

(As was the star of this post.)

You know who likes posing? Birds!

I love how these two pose, then talk it over, then take off, like, “That was enough.”

My friend’s mother got ahold of my camera and took a LOT of pictures of this little guy, but now I’m starting to wonder, Maybe she wanted pictures of the bowl?

Enough. Time to Spring Forward!

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