My Day 2!

It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos. ~ Donna Karan

I love that quote, and aspire to live so intentionally that I find pockets of calm throughout my day like Easter Eggs, although re-reading the quote makes me wonder, “What was Donna talking about before she said ‘It’s’?”

We assume she means life, but she could have said that in the middle of a talk about anything: Parenthood. Fashion Week. Hmm… Where else might she go?

I know! Comic-Con!

And then I wonder whether it’s all about the finding, or all about the calm?

And then I realize I over-thought the quote, and maybe I don’t love it (the quote?) as much as I did.

Anyway, in other over-thinking, here’s a symbolic visual of my day:

My Day 2

In this photo, the sun represents everything I intended to do.

The difference between an optimist and a pessimist:

The optimist looks at this photo and my comment and says, “Tomorrow IS another day!”

The pessimist says, “Proof right there, the only bright side worth looking at is a sunset.”

2 thoughts on “My Day 2!

  1. Nice thoughts – look at you getting all deep!
    My first reaction to the photo was colored by my thought that it was sunrise, rather than sunset.
    Which adds another total layer to a) how our perception colors our understanding and, b) how an optimist/pessimist approaches a sunrise “Yea, another day full of opportunities!” vs “Oh, crap! Am I still here!”


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