95 Reasons to Camp: Countdown Part 1

Empty Campsite

Why go camping?

95. You love it.

94. Someone you love loves it.

93. You need a break from someone you love.

92. You need a break from someone you don’t love.

91. Postpone breaking up. (“Sorry, baby, can’t talk. Bad cell service!”)

90. Initiate a break-up. (“If you really love me, you’ll come with me…”)

89. Process a break-up. (Chopping wood can be very therapeutic, btw.)

88. Steer clear of your Ex.

87. Impress your new boyfriend or girlfriend.

86. Romantic getaway.

85. Memorable proposal. (Only if you’re certain the answer will be “Yes!” Otherwise, you are in for a very long weekend.)

84. Scout out wedding locations.

83. Honeymoon.

82. Anniversary.

81. Carry on a family tradition.

80. Start a family tradition.

79. Start a family.

78. Someone foolish said you shouldn’t.

77. Someone wise said you should.

76. You (or anyone) said you couldn’t.

75. You said you would.

Camping Triumph

(Next List)

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