Breaking the Silence

“I believe it’s high time some of our young ladies step up. Silence may keep the men in your life in line, ladies, and keep them guessing as to what they did wrong, but it won’t break any glass ceilings. Volunteers? Yes, Celine-Marie?”

“Teacher, I couldn’t decide which photo to use, so I submitted all of them.”

“I like your problem-solving skills, Celine-Marie, but whereas we may call that ‘diplomacy,’ ‘variety,’ and ‘choices,’ men call it ‘indecisiveness.’ Next time, choose only one photo and never back down, no matter how limiting or insufficient it proves to be. Now, tell me about your song.”

And it’s quiet like snow through the trees. ~ The Wild Feathers, “The Ceiling”

“Why did you choose that song?”

“Teacher, I think that song is about suicide. I wanted to use “The Green, Green Grass of Home,” which also seems to be from a dead person’s point-of-view, but he was a dead soldier, and that’s an honorable death. I really wanted to show the suffercating pressureness of family — ”

Suffocating oppressiveness?”


“Thank you, Celine-Marie. Sweetheart, please come see me during recess. Anyone else?  Heather?”

Lay Here and Watch the Trees Sway

“How very tranquil. The park?”

Grand Canyon. The North Rim.

“Gracious! That’s unexpected! And your song?”

Lay here and watch the trees sway. ~ Patty Griffin, “Heavenly Day”

“That sounds lovely.”

“Yes, Teacher! We had the best family vacation ever! I wish it never ended!”

“So you picked a perfect picture to depict your perfect vacation with your perfect family?”


“Tell me, why is your paper all sparkly?”

“I spilled some dream dust in my backpack and it stuck to my homework.”


“No, Dream Dust. Did I stutter?”

“Thank you, Heather. Young lady, please come see me after class. Students, we have time for one more presentation. Chad, can you explain this picture?”

(collective gasp)

To Be Continued

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