The Legend of National Park Mountain

Ages ago, on a dark starry night, Between the forest and the Firehole’s banks (Perhaps the Madison’s), a spark took flight, A thought, a plan, for which we should give thanks National Parks, behold their provenance: Below dark outcroppings, beside a stream (Rock eyes, creek mouth; a face), camp occupants Envisioned preservation. Such a dream! … Continue reading The Legend of National Park Mountain

Bodie’s Farewell Part III: Easter Released Her

Part I Part II "To what end" would she renounce dust? Bodie cried, "For good!" Setting course by the very source she'd misunderstood. Even supporters, in private quarters, heaved a sigh. 40 days passed. "Still abstaining?" they asked. "Yes. Why?" "Easter is over," some wailed, others hissed. Her defense: "Repent, then relent? Return to what … Continue reading Bodie’s Farewell Part III: Easter Released Her

Cat Tale

Remember Smokey the Bear and Woodsy Owl? I bet you do! I also bet you didn't know they were college roommates.* Even less known is the story of their mysterious third roommate, Archibald Sebastian Persian, whom they affectionately nicknamed, "Scruffy." Ironically, Scruffy (who was anything but) made his fortune as a model/actor, and yet there … Continue reading Cat Tale