Bodie’s Farewell Part III: Easter Released Her

Part I

Part II

“To what end” would she renounce dust? Bodie cried, “For good!”

Setting course by the very source she’d misunderstood.

Even supporters, in private quarters, heaved a sigh.

40 days passed. “Still abstaining?” they asked. “Yes. Why?”

“Easter is over,” some wailed, others hissed. Her defense:

“Repent, then relent? Return to what I spurned? Nonsense!”

Many admonished: “A maid who won’t dust must be fired.”

Don’t be astonished. The inevitable transpired.

~ (a work in progress by) Camp Host Chad

To Be Concluded

2 thoughts on “Bodie’s Farewell Part III: Easter Released Her

  1. Love the pictures – it looks like you were actually inside the buildings! If I’m correct, you can not enter those buildings, can you?


    • Thank you! And yes, you are correct. The buildings are closed to entry. All photos were taken through the windows. I put my camera directly against the glass as described in the post, “No Pane, No Gain.”


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