Chain Reaction

Where I’d like to be:

Pacific Ocean_Maui Coast_Ho'okipa Lookout_1

Maui Coast – view from Ho’okipa Lookout

Where I’m actually going:

Today I start a new round of Physical Therapy, this time related to the C6 section of my spine. Previously thought it was a pinched nerve in my shoulder. Neurologist narrowed it down to the C6. It’s better now (the issue started before I went camping in September), but P.T. can’t hurt, right?

Anyway, I only mention it to explain the short post.

“So why post at all?”

Good question. Have you heard of Jerry Seinfeld’s method for success? Essentially, you do something (writing) consistently, mark it on a calendar, and, “Don’t break the chain.” Wednesday posts are my chain. Three more after today marks a full year.

I got to thinking about my injured spine and not breaking my writing chain and decided to combine them.

There. Done! Now, off to P.T.

I’d rather be headed here:

Twin Lakes_CA_Horse Creek Falls_1

Twin Lakes, CA – Horse Creek Falls



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