95 Reasons to Camp: Countdown Part 4

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Why go camping?

22. To see the stars.

21. You are a star. To just go be yourself.

20. Delay suspicion over your absence while you segue into the Witness Protection Program.

19. Reward yourself for a job well done.

18. Avoid a job.

17. Lost your job.

16. Nothing fresh to binge.

15. Distance from addiction (alcohol, internet, texting, binge-watching, etc.).

14. Distance to addiction (s’mores, challenges, real experiences, fresh air, etc.).

13. Corporate retreat.

12. Team building.

11. Evade Corporate retreat and/or team building.

10. Earn a merit badge.

9. Unplug. Recharge.

8. Unwind. Refresh.

7. Research. Unlearn.

6. Find Inspiration and Accept Grace (a/k/a Restoration and Understanding).

5. Practice survival skills for any kind of apocalypse.

4. Go someplace where nobody will ask you to confirm, “I am not a robot.”

3. Personal retreat.

2. Why not?

1. Because you can (and because you don’t have to).

Homeless Encampment

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