The Grasshopper Complex: Part III

Every night last week, the wind sighing from out of Zion N.P. canyons rustled through the ginkgo biloba tree beside my tent in Watchman Campground.

Zion_Watchman Campground_Ginkgo Biloba Tree_1

The soothing sound of fluttering leaves reminded me of water gently washing over river rocks and sand in a gold pan. Oh, the delightful natural music of Fall!

Then on the last day of my trip, I realized the dry leaves weren’t just turning with the season. That tree was parched. Here are the trees that had previously watched over the campsite:

I grabbed a jug, hiked to the faucet and back, and while making my way to the base of the tree needing water something suddenly flashed past my face and went THUNK! on my tent, and then with another leap it landed beside the picnic table and waited for me to get my camera and take a picture.

Zion_Watchman Campground_Grasshopper_1

(And after I finished – gone without a trace.)

Anyway, Zion, grasshoppers, trees, oh my! A week away from blogging and it all came full circle in an instant. Like the watered ginkgo biloba tree, the camping trip replenished me for the Winter ahead. The grasshopper reminded me about both camping and this blog (and oh so much else), “I can do this!”

(Go here for Part I and Part II of this series.)

I can’t wait to share more of my trip than this brief glimpse (view from Weeping Rock in Zion):

Zion_Weeping Rock View_1

Isaiah 41:18-19 (NIV)

18 I will make rivers flow on barren heights,
    and springs within the valleys.
I will turn the desert into pools of water,
    and the parched ground into springs.
19 I will put in the desert
    the cedar and the acacia, the myrtle and the olive.
I will set junipers in the wasteland,
    the fir and the cypress together,

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