Tree Dreaming

Only after a week back at work following a luxurious two week break for the holidays, I'm having trouble concentrating. These are the trees I'm looking at: (And there are dozens more boxes than that. Hundreds more files. Thousands more pages. Oh! Oh! All the poor, poor trees...) I made the mistake of looking at Oops. Now I seriously can't … Continue reading Tree Dreaming

Trail Wisdom: Hoodoo You Think You Are?

Applying the trail wisdom of: Know your limits requires beginning with that concept firmly in mind. Starting there, we'll go here: Perhaps you remember the above photo from the first Trail Wisdom post, back in October? Then, during November, I shared part of my story in Trail Wisdom's second installment. Please permit me to now weave those narratives together for part three. My go-to explanation for the side … Continue reading Trail Wisdom: Hoodoo You Think You Are?