Heads Up!

Tonight brings us the first of two lunar eclipses due this year. See the link for more info, or use your favorite sky-watching site to get viewing instructions (if you haven't already). The moon is supposed to be red! (So will my neighbors be when they hear me stomping around on the roof in the middle of the … Continue reading Heads Up!

Grab a Slice

Today may be National Pie Day, yet everyone seems to reaching for something else, between today's Oscar nominations, last weekend's U.S. government shutdown, the upcoming Super Bowl LII, and... Bill Cosby doing stand-up again in advance of his trial! Huh? Anyway, you get my point. Everybody wants their slice. Unfortunately, not all pies are shared. And metaphorically speaking, YOU are … Continue reading Grab a Slice

Tree Dreaming

Only after a week back at work following a luxurious two week break for the holidays, I'm having trouble concentrating. These are the trees I'm looking at: (And there are dozens more boxes than that. Hundreds more files. Thousands more pages. Oh! Oh! All the poor, poor trees...) I made the mistake of looking at unsplash.com. Oops. Now I seriously can't … Continue reading Tree Dreaming

Trail Wisdom: Hoodoo You Think You Are?

Applying the trail wisdom of: Know your limits requires beginning with that concept firmly in mind. Starting there, we'll go here: Perhaps you remember the above photo from the first Trail Wisdom post, back in October? Then, during November, I shared part of my story in Trail Wisdom's second installment. Please permit me to now weave those narratives together for part three. My go-to explanation for the side … Continue reading Trail Wisdom: Hoodoo You Think You Are?