95 Reasons to Camp: Countdown Part 3

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Empty Campground

Why go camping?

49. Cheap vacation.

48. Integral part of a road trip.

47. Get lost.

46. Find yourself.

45. To mourn.

44. Change of scenery.

43. To mourn changes to the scenery.

42. It’s Spring.

41. …Summer.

40. …Fall.

39. …Winter. (Really? Wow. Good for you!)

38. Build your stamina.

37. Climb a mountain.

36. Endure the desert.

35. Swim in the ocean.

34. Hike in a forest.
That Endless Skyway
That Golden Valley
Gulfstream Waters
Redwood Forest

33. Build your child’s character, to prepare them to face the world.

32. “Family time,” before your child leaves for college.

31. Celebrate your child graduating college and moving home.

30. Distract your child who refuses to move out, because you skipped 33 to “protect them.” (Meanwhile, your spouse hauls your kid’s stuff to a storage facility and changes all the locks to the house.)

29. Live life to the fullest.

28. You’re not dead yet.

27. You listed, “Sleep on the ground until I’m under it!” on your Bucket List.

26. Take a break from that tyrannical, ill-conceived Bucket List.

25. Relive a memory.

24. Achieve a dream.

23. Spread someone’s ashes per their final request.

Final Resting Places

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