Opportunity Knocks (Me Around)

Lassen_Manzanita Lake_Shoreline_1

Two years ago, a trip to Lassen Volcanic N.P. coalesced into a definitive experience, a perfect fusion of the right factors, the right place, and the right time. Out of that experience, I determined to refocus my writing around my passions, a decision which eventually led to this blog.

Lassen_Manzanita Lake_Dock

The connections on that Lassen trip ultimately came together into one central idea, “identity.” (Campfire Tales continues to present that vision in pieces…)

Months later, a trip to Death Valley N.P. synthesized into a similar meditation on, “memory.”

Death Valley_Zabriskie Point_1

While not every trip results in a concentrated theme (Thank goodness! Forced themes lead to some awkward results, for instance, a few of the posts on this blog, or the year my high school band’s chosen inspirational theme word = “smashing.” Huh?!)

I sense that my fast-approaching vacation to Utah parks has something to do with, “opportunity.”

Why? I’m not sure yet. Right place, right time, right factors… Here are a few:

  • My original traveling companion, Friend #1, recently experienced a serious hiking accident, involving a dislocated shoulder, a broken arm, surgery, months of anticipated recuperation, and a withdrawal from our planned camping trip. Trip cancelled?
  • Friend #2 volunteered to fly across the country and go camping. Trip confirmed!
  • Friend #2 couldn’t get the time off, or afford the last minute airfare. Trip cancelled?
  • Friend #3, undergoing a career transition, suddenly became available to join me. Trip confirmed!
  • My employer, for the first time in the eleven+ years I’ve been there, put restrictions on vacation dates. Trip cancelled?
  • The predicted project jeopardizing my vacation did not get approved (yet). Trip confirmed!

You get the picture, right? Add into that: turmoil over trees that almost (but not quite) resulted in my volunteering (again) for my HOA Board of Directors; a pinched nerve in my arm; this crazy weather (earthquakes! hurricanes! oh my!); and so on.

(Oh, poor, poor trees… How dearly I remember you. Maybe not exactly like this, but who cares?)

Lassen_Manzanita Lake_Sunset

Anyway, I’m thrilled the Utah trip is still on, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Lassen_Vivian Meier-style shadow

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