The internet is populated by brilliant wildlife photographers. To reinforce this point, I googled "wildlife photography." Big mistake. I easily get lost for hours browsing stunning pictures of exotic places, incredible views, candid moments and gorgeous scenery, all captured in crisp and vibrant detail by dedicated amateurs and true professionals. And then there's me. My photography is comparable to the … Continue reading Peekaboo!

Bumpass Hikers: The Foolish

A hike to the geothermal area in Lassen Volcanic National Park known as "Bumpass Hell" in 2015 revealed a smorgasbord of hiking styles: prepared, not prepared, polite, rude, curious, oblivious, observant, selfish, selfless, etc. So let's count down the winners (and losers)! THE FOOLISH 3. THE BOY WHO CRIED "OUCH!" = In a general sense, third place goes to the many, … Continue reading Bumpass Hikers: The Foolish