Five Stages of National Park Grief

Hello, Campfire Talesmen and Taleswomen!

Our last shared post completed a series of five poems depicting the five stages of grief, as represented by National Parks awaiting our return.

Yes, they rhyme.

Denial = Crater Lake

Anger = Lassen Volcanic

Bargaining = Joshua Tree

Depression = Death Valley

Acceptance = Yosemite

The final post, Yosemite, seemed fitting as a possible farewell to this blog, as it also timed perfectly to a number of personal events: a new job, a birthday, a demanding volunteer position, an IRS audit…

So Campfire Tales has been quiet lately. But I missed you! And I have more to say. So I’m back, with more positivity, more trees, more poems (sorry/not sorry?), more “humor,” more??

More of what you want. What do you want?

I want more comments from you! How have you been?

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