Wednesday Words on the Wild: Perfection

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. ~ Vince Lombardi

“Stop the car. I want a picture of the trees and the snow,” I told my friend Royce, as we sped through Sequoia National Park last weekend.

“All that snow is dirty,” he replied, referring to the snow nearest to the side of the road. “It’ll look terrible in the picture.”

“I’m going to walk away from the road, further into the trees, ” I said. Royce pulled over about 1/2 a mile later.

Venturing into the woods for the perfect balance of snow and trees (and not Royce’s footprints, as he’d already rushed ahead with his own camera), I promised myself, “The camera is very forgiving,” which is kinda true, although distance and staging are required to get the desired shot. I do realize that if you zoom in on dirty snow, you wind up with a photo of dirty snow.

Anyway, you be the judge. Does this look terrible?


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