Camptivities: Apple Picking

In my last post — (No, silly, not the post called “Humor” that had zero content that many of you clicked on, probably only to wonder, “What’s the joke? Is this ironic, like 10,000 spoons without a knife?” Side note: Maybe all those spoons are for the Maniacs, in which case I say, “Keep hiding the knives!” Anyway, sorry about that, but I accidentally created it while updating my Table of Contents — you’re welcome — and the last time I did the same thing, I asked WordPress and they said there was no way to call back stuff once it’s sent. It is, as Meg Ryan’s character says in When Harry Met Sally…, “already out there.” You can’t take it back. By the way, these are the same folks keeping a tally of how much of the Internet they are “powering” — currently 31% — and they haven’t come up with an Undo button yet. If you want to be outraged about anything, consider a strongly-worded letter to McWordPress.)

Wait, where was I? (And why did my site suddenly start flickering? Cursed? Haunted!? Oh yeah, that reminds me!) In my last real post (not a post ghost), a whole bunch of us agreed to skip Fall. Okay, okay, that was only me, but I’ve changed my mind. I love Fall!

If you go camping in the Fall, try apple picking! By the way, this suggestion is totally interchangeable, regardless of what season you are in or where you are located. Surf over to:

Find a farm close to where you are camping. Many of them have food and activities available related to their produce and season, like apple farms with hot apple cider and hay rides. They also provide the equipment for doing the picking. They only charge you for what you pick (and if they charge you more, I repeat: strongly-worded letter to WordPress).

Still confused? First, pick a farm.

Apple Picking_2

Go there. Start picking.

Apple Picking_1

Have fun!

(P.S. That reminds me of an old joke that goes, “What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?” “Finding half a worm.”)

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