Sisters Are Doin’ It (For Each Other)

Isabella Lucy Bird (married Bishop) – a nineteenth century writer, humanitarian, and famed Victorian traveler, who became the first woman elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society (among other major accomplishments) – was born October 15, 1831.

Happy Birthday, ILB!

During her travels, Isabella wrote letters she would later compile, edit and publish into books (still in print today). Her sister, Henrietta Amelia Bird, served as Isabella’s primary correspondent.

In honor of Isabella’s birthday, let’s talk Sister Parks.

You’ve heard of “Sister Cities,” yes? Turns out national parks have sisters too!

How cool is the idea that – for example – Isabella travelled through both Hawaii and China over a hundred years ago, exploring volcanoes and rivers, and now those two countries have locations in partnership to help each other thrive and survive?


(Haleakalā National Park in Hawaii; photo courtesy of Jeff King via Unsplash)

 (Wundalianchi World Geopark in China)

You can find more ILB quotes on Campfire Tales here and here.





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