3 x You = 22

Q: Campfire Tales, you talk so much about trees, I’m inspired to make a difference, but I don’t know where to start. Can you please help?

A. My pleasure! Below are three comprehensive links to get you started.

  • This contest, put on by Save the Redwoods, is a genius way for parents and kids to get involved together, requiring both learning AND doing:


Even if you don’t live near the redwoods (or have a kid), the site is loaded with great resources and links. Scroll to the bottom for more info; not just the site links, but also the sites for all the partners of the contest.

Redwood Trees

  • This next link takes you to a program called “Tree Campus.” A junior college near my house proudly touted itself a “2018 Tree Campus,” leading me to research the program, which the link explains. The program mainly targets college campuses, and any college can join by meeting the strict (but achievable) criteria. I love this idea, and I hope it expands to include high schools, etc. Although the criteria might be too much for younger children, maybe the colleges (or businesses with eco-minded adults without a “campus”) could adopt a middle school or grade school as part of the criteria. It’s a great way to enhance your “brand,” corporate America!


There’s something in there about “Tree Cities,” so maybe all my suggestions are already covered… (Yes, I have homework to check these out more fully too.)

  • Finally, while the site for Tree People is mostly exclusive to Los Angeles, this resource on the site that lists 22 benefits of trees is pretty awesome:


(NOW does the title of this post make sense? You go to the three sites, get involved, and then the 22 benefits begin. Simple, huh?)

Even if the “Los Angeles” aspect of the Tree People site doesn’t work for you, as with all the other links above, cool resources are listed at the bottom of the page, and maybe one of them will lead you to something in your local area.

Happy point & clicking!

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