Roadside Art: Beautiful Thoughts Fence

On every fencepost of a house near my gym, an older man (the crow in photo 1) and his wife (the cute chick) turned the front of their home into a declaration of… well, of everything. Who they are. Who they love. Why they love.

They are definitely in support of grandparents. Teenagers? Not so much.

They apparently enjoy offering encouragement and guidance and inspiration.

But sometimes they skip the cheerleading, get right to the good stuff and tell it like it is.

Bad Idea and Good Time

And sometimes they give up and let their freak flags fly.

We Are Weird and Life Is Weird

2 thoughts on “Roadside Art: Beautiful Thoughts Fence

  1. Ha ha! That’s great! And quintessentially American. Naive, bold, inclusive, sentimental, hopeful, brassy and unembarrassed. I think the majority of other nations citizens would not want to draw as much attention to themselves.
    One additional comment, not intentionally critical, but it’s interesting that all the uplifting missives seemed to posted on one side of a tall wall!!


    • I don’t disagree with you, but I also noticed three things while taking the photos. 1. Occupants of the house emerged and ignored me. 2. Everyone passing by ignored me. 3. I managed to “not see” these signs for a very long time. I think you’re onto something about this expression of individuality as being American, but I wonder if the ability to ignore it in others is American or International?


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