Trail Wisdom: Mixed Messages

Pretend you’re going for a hike. What do you do first?

You eat something healthy, naturally. Something natural. Something high in protein and low in sugar…

I’m clearly making this up. Would that constitute “healthy?” <shrugs>

Oh, I know! I’ll show you! Here’s a photo of a healthy meal:

<scrolling through photos and muttering: “Cheese. Pie. No, and no. Deviled eggs. More cheese. Buffet. More deviled eggs. My oh my, do I ever need to write the post to show those pictures. Macaroni and cheese. Pie. Pie. Pie. Pie. Pie.” closes phone>

Let’s start again!

Pretend you’re going for a hike. What do you do first?

Well, you’re in Canada. You eat some hearty Canadian food. You carb up.

Canadian Hiking Meal

That’s hiking food, right?

No?! (Side note — please never take me hiking with you, Food Scrooge.)

Okay, let’s say you are with a friend. You split the poutine AND the sandwich, AND your friend is drinking the beer, because you are going hiking alone.

Aargh! Hiking alone IS a bad idea. Fine. FINE. That’s not a beer, it’s “frothy iced tea.”

Then again, you’re about to spend your free time exercising in nature. You’re going to build up your stamina AND your relationship with a friend.

Refusing yourself – according to your imaginary (thus, uncertified and unaccredited) therapist – is a form of self-punishment. You have a habit of martyring yourself. Withholding what you want because your father withheld from you.

You deserve better than that.

Also, you’re an adult.

So drink the beer already! (Unless you shouldn’t. Make a choice, and be responsible for your actions.)

(But only make good choices.)

Anyway, it’s time for your hike. Off you go! Be brave! Be strong! Be safe! Have fun!

California Hiking Trail

(Although, why are you hiking in California after I explained you are in Canada…? Maybe ask your therapist about that?)

The point of all this is simple. Food and lifestyle go hand-in-hand. We eat; we take action. Usually we eat based on (better yet, “to support”) what actions we’re about to take.

At my workplace, here’s a typical spread to help us start our day (besides the six shelves of snacks, and the endless espresso machine):

Start Your Day Right_1

And then here’s a message to read if we somehow wind up taking the stairs instead of the elevator (because the person taking the stairs over the elevator is the one who needs to read this, and because what people climbing stairs need are distractions…):

Stairs_Fact 1

Did you catch that mixed message? Here it is again:

Still not getting it?




Meanwhile, the fruit gets older and older, and further from the table.

Question: What message are they trying to send?


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