Tree Dreaming

Only after a week back at work following a luxurious two week break for the holidays, I’m having trouble concentrating. These are the trees I’m looking at:

Bankers Box Purgatory

(And there are dozens more boxes than that. Hundreds more files. Thousands more pages. Oh! Oh! All the poor, poor trees…)

I made the mistake of looking at Oops. Now I seriously can’t concentrate. Had to take a quick break, and show you the trees I would rather be looking at:


(photo courtesy of Samuel Ferrara)

Or these:


(photo courtesy of Sebastian Unrau)

Or these:


(photo courtesy of Tuce)

…you get the picture.

I hope your view right now is better than mine!

4 thoughts on “Tree Dreaming

  1. Nice photos Chadley – though I imagine Photo #3 might fill you with trepidation – imagine that being your path forward – lots of wibbly wobbly obstacles!


    • Exactly, Gavin! That steep, railing-less, curved staircase going down sat waiting for me at the end of a strenuous, miserable hike I have yet to blog about — I’ve been meaning to, but don’t much want to revisit that misery. But there you have it, the grim conclusion to an untold story. Or maybe it’s a triumphant ending… I mean, I survived, right?

      By the way, photos #2 and #3 were from the same hike, both at the very beginning and end of the hike, right next to the parking lot. So whereas #3 looks miserable at the end, #2 was miserable at the beginning (but I had more energy then + my hiking partner hadn’t ditched me yet). So both pictures have a glass half-full & half-empty element.


  2. Of all the three trees in my front yard, the pine is most remarkable . My spindly fruitless mulberries, planted to grow fast into climbing trees for my kids, are in their adolescents. Their long gangly limbs couldn’t hope to take the weight of a sturdy child, but they promise needed shade and future fun. The pine, planted after serving as our Christmas tree the year our friends were able to spend the holidays with us, grows large and strong. It holds a hammock and a swing, makes a great clubhouse under it’s branches, and beckons children up into it’s heights. It smells like camping and is everything a tree should be!


    • Thank you for sharing this! I love the image of the Christmas tree that keeps on giving, like the Giving Tree but without all the… You know, the sad parts. As for your spindly, fruitless mulberry trees, may they grow faster (and more sturdy) than your children.


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