Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (2018)

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

Rose Parade Viewing_Keeping the Promise Float_2

Last year, I went to the Rose Parade viewing event on the day after the parade, and admired the floats up close. I skipped blogging those photos, certain that all the Rose Parade fans already enjoyed it all on TV in high definition close-up. Instead, I told you about the NPS truck. Two weeks later, I tried my first MLK, Jr. Day post.

Can I have a Do Over? I’ll fit those two into one post. Promise!

This year, I visited the Rose Parade floats again. All new floats! I’d like to show you one of my two favorites today. (Maybe “of three,” if anyone really wants to see a crab holding a slice of pizza…)

By the way, the NPS truck attended again:

Rose Parade Viewing_National Park Service Truck

Anyway, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation presented this float:

Rose Parade Viewing_Keeping the Promise Float_1

This presentation honors not only MLK, Jr. and those who participated in the Civil Rights Movement, but also Heather Heyer, who died last year while peacefully protesting a white nationalist rally. Further details at this link.

The float grabbed my attention for it’s perfect balance of beauty, a powerful message, and elegant simplicity. The statue in the back references the one at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington D.C.


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