Wednesday Words on the Wild: Influences

As the twig is bent the tree inclines. ~ Virgil

Wait, no, sorry. Try again.

As the twig is bent, so grows the tree. ~ Alexander Pope

Whoops! Wrong again. Last try.

So bends the twig, so grows the tree. ~ My Mother

There. Done. Glad that’s settled.

Let’s pause for a moment, catch our breath, and contemplate.

Aspen Trees near Twin Lakes

Whew. I feel better. Don’t you?

Now, as a friend’s mother says when she is ready to change the subject, “Onward, forward!” A quick timeline:

  • 4th Grade = My first summer at camp.
  • 5th Grade = My second summer at camp.
  • 6th Grade = A teacher took a group, myself included, stargazing. Also, I read, “The Hobbit,” leading to much daydreaming of forested landscapes.

And so on. You get the picture. (Also, my 7th Grade recollections of camping influences is not something I want to revisit. So let’s skip that.)

Other milestones: 10th Grade = First time visiting Yosemite. College = Worked at a summer camp/conference center.

Anyway, to tie this all together, I witnessed my cousin’s daughters (“first cousins once removed”?) preparing for camp last week. I started mulling over how influential the summer camp experience was on me at their age, but then realized how many factors contributed to my love of camping and national parks, so much so that now I’m blogging about them.

How about you? What influenced your point of view on camping? Please share!

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