95 Reasons to Camp: Countdown Part 2

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Why go camping?

74. To win a bet.

73. Celebrate winning a bet.

72. Make good on losing a bet.

71. Escape shame of a lost bet.

70. Physical challenge.

69. Mental break.


68. Spiritual quest.

67. Emotional rescue.

66. Get what you need.

65. Find what you are looking for.

64. Mend a broken heart.

63. Doctor’s orders.

62. Court order. (It could happen.)

61. Parent trap.

60. The house burned down.

59. The house is being rebuilt, remodeled, or repainted.

58. Postpone painting the house.

57. Dodge cleaning the house.

56. Dodge cleaning anything.

55. “Test-run” with new baby.

54. The neighbor’s baby screams a lot.

53. The neighbors scream a lot.

52. Bury something.

51. Hide from authorities.

50. Dig up something you hid.


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2 thoughts on “95 Reasons to Camp: Countdown Part 2

  1. Have you heard Kate Bush’s song “50 names for snow”?
    This list reminds me of that song – she even includes one name in Klingon.
    Come on Chad, you have 49 to go!


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