Grab a Slice

Today may be National Pie Day, yet everyone seems to reaching for something else, between today’s Oscar nominations, last weekend’s U.S. government shutdown, the upcoming Super Bowl LII, and… Bill Cosby doing stand-up again in advance of his trial!


Anyway, you get my point. Everybody wants their slice. Unfortunately, not all pies are shared. And metaphorically speaking, YOU are a pie. People want your time, money, energy, opinion, etc. “Would you like to take a survey?”

Come on, say it with me. “No.”

(Or maybe this will convince you: #surveysareforsuckers)

So let’s stop, take a breath, think about how WE want to spend our time, money and energy, and enjoy some pie.

Today I have Apricot Cream Pie, Coconut Cream Pie, and for those who aren’t cream pie lovers like me, a Chocolate and Peanut Butter Tart with a shortbread crust.

Coconut Cream sounds like the one for me.

Coconut Cream Pie_Slice

Order up!


4 thoughts on “Grab a Slice

  1. We just finished the last of our Thanksgiving/Christmas pies last night!!
    A classic Pumpkin! Thanks for the reminder – its obviously time to stock up!


    • If you can wait a few days, and you have access to either a Marie Calendar’s or a Coco’s, both call February (and October) “pie month,” when whole pies are under $10 (price seems to go up a little every time, but it’s still a good deal).


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