Fix Goo

Dear Weird Al, Do you know what everyone can relate to, but nobody has ever written a song about? Cake fails. Do you know what solves almost all cake fails? Whipping cream. Just in case you wanted to right this wrong and write that song, here is some inspiration, by way of Coldplay's, "Fix You." … Continue reading Fix Goo


Remember how the Smurfs insert the word "Smurf" into everything like, "That's smurf-tastic!" or "You're smurfing!"? Yeah, me neither. However, if you're starting to think Campfire Tales is getting a little "smurfed up" with the s'mores references, all I can say is, "I'm s'more-y." I made this Coca-Cola Cake because the accompanying photo looked delicious, … Continue reading S’moredom