Camping Cuisine: Apple Rings

At my current job, all the snacks come wrapped in plastic. Here’s my favorite:

I haven’t tried preparing or eating these while camping yet, but they seem like an obvious choice. Healthy, filling, portable, shelf-stable, and delicious. Please sign me up!

There are actually two rings in the one ring pictured, and the peanut butter is only in the middle hole and the sides (not between slices). I don’t know that these require a recipe. Core an apple. Slice into rings. Stir honey into peanut butter. Spread onto slices how you wish. Roll in oats.

The problematic issue: the plastic wrap. I like that they are ready to go hiking, but obviously this needs work. Any thoughts on the simplest way to transport these with no waste?


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2 thoughts on “Camping Cuisine: Apple Rings

  1. Wrap it in a tortilla!
    I know this lady that feeds feral cats at a park in Fresno, and one of the biggest complaints is that the paper plates end up all over the place as litter. Now they put the cat food on tortillas. Once the kitty is done with its meal, the tortilla becomes a tasty snack for the raccoons! Wah -la!!

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