Morning Warning

In Jurrassic Park, tremors in a cup of water signal the approach of a T-Rex.

When I stepped from the shower this morning, the water in my toilet bowl sloshed gently side to side.

Uh-oh, I thought. That’s either an earthquake, or the wind is shaking my entire building.

I didn’t feel an earthquake in progress, although I could hear the wind, then currently clocked at around 24mph. The toilet water kept sloshing for a while, but there were no other alarms, so I dismissed it as a fluke and went about my business.

Headed to my car about an hour later, I found out what had happened:

I’d noticed that huge dead tree last August, and knew it was doomed. A healthier tree in front of the next building had been brought down by the wind on top of a parked van a few weeks earlier. I took a few pictures, so now we can pretend time is moving backwards, the tree is restored, and very soon it will burst into full bloom.

Speaking of crazy ideas, here’s my favorite part — they used patio chairs to block people from going under the tree. Reminds me of a sign I saw last weekend, warning people not to climb over the fence to certain death down the cliff, or else they would get a ticket.

I wonder how many people are going to squeeze through that chair barrier?

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