Wednesday Words on the Wild: Picturesque

It is not enough to photograph the obviously picturesque. ~ Dorothea Lange

Oops. Sorry, Dorothea.

It’s just that, during a drive with family in Tennessee, my aunt remembered this barn coming up around the corner and she started talking to it, as if she was encouraging a toddling baby, like, “Oh! Here she comes! She’s so adorable!”

When I saw what my aunt cooed about, I thought, “That would make a great picture for my blog!”

I went back later with my cousin to take a picture. “Cousin Billy” probably broke a couple of laws getting me to the base of the small incline below where this barn overlooks (Yikes! Now I’m anthropomorphizing her!) a parkway.

I scrambled up the weed covered incline (only later did Cousin Billy mention the danger of ticks…) and took a photo, but even then I must have been heeding Dorothea’s warning.

Barn in Spring Hill, TN - No Fence

“This needs something…” I thought. “Closer?”

Barn in Spring Hill, TN

“Nope. Still not right.”

I wished for a passing farmer on a tractor, or a photogenic cow. All I found was this:

Barn in Spring Hill, TN - With Fence

Sigh. “Well, better than before. And it is pretty. But… not enough. Oh well.”

I scurried back to the car before my cousin got a parking ticket for stopping on the onramp to the parkway.

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