Independence Day (2018): Blowing in the Wind

For my Flag Day post last year, I struggled to find a decent flag picture (o which I owned the rights), and finally, regretfully settled for a mediocre photo, then decided on two actions to ease that pain:

  1. I vowed to replace that photo ASAP — Hasn’t happened yet. If you’re eager to glimpse a ho-hum photo of an American flag, hurry over there right away, because…. (see below)
  2. I vowed to be ready in 2018 with better picture options — And I was! (again, see below) The only problem? I skipped posting the Flag Day holiday this year. No excuses (although there are 95 reasons).

New plan!

First, share some Campfire Tales flag photos (mostly in National Parks, and ALL set outdoors). Today is a flag-adjacent holiday, is it not?

Second, if any of these meet with your approval, I’ll replace that Bland Old Flag photo with something Grand and High-Flying like this:

Palm Springs Flag

Turns out, photographing flags is a little like watching a horse race: You shout at it until it springs into action.

“Come on, Old Glory! Papa needs some new shoes!”

My apologies to those peacefully assembled nearby in Grand Canyon National Park, where Luck proved to be a Lady:

And Zion National Park, where she did not:

Finally, right before the sun goes down, one last look:

Sunset Flag

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