Happy New(-ish) Year!

Twenty-Twenty-One:  Yay, it's over! Done. Twenty-Twenty-Two: Welcome. Cheers to you! Fingers crossed, the upcoming year goes great. Let's start right — (What? Uh-oh, already late...) ~ Camp Host Chad Didn't we just do this? Oh yeah, it's a tradition!

Starting the New Year Right

Last night they fired the starting gun On the year Twenty-Twenty-One. Now with Twenty-Twenty a ghost, Raise your glass and let’s make a toast! May the year ahead soon restore Things ruined by the year before. May we not need to cry, "Undo!" Again in Twenty-Twenty-Two. ~ Camp Host Chad "Cheers!" "Release the balloons!"


Remember "foreshadowing" from school? Every literature teacher I ever had (and I had a lot) loved foreshadowing like an elf loves sugar. What those teachers never got around to = discussing foreshadowing's counterpart, tradition. If foreshadowing is telling you the story through symbolism before you've heard the story, isn't tradition simply reminding you of the … Continue reading Tradition!