Influences: The Adventures of the Wilderness Family

So, true confession time. I keep a poster for the first film about a family in a landmark trilogy beginning in the 1970’s hanging behind my desk in my office at work.

“The Godfather?”

Good guess, but no:

Co-workers around me display serious art and posters of classics by Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick and so on.

My favorite reactions are when new employees are brought around to be introduced. They stare at the poster, wondering if it’s a joke.

No joke, and when I saw the movie in 1975, I desperately wanted to move to a remote lake in the woods and build a log cabin.

OK, OK, I know how that sounds… Also, I’ve seen the movie since then, and admittedly it makes Little House on the Prairie look like the Unforgiven of revisionist pioneer family adventure stories.

Still, The Adventures of the Wilderness Family will always have a place in my heart, but maybe I should hang up the Polish version of their poster, and be taken more seriously:

Image result for wilderness family poster

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