Double Your Rainbow Pleasure

“Hey look, a rainbow!”


(photo by Kimson Doan, courtesy of Unsplash)


“Not THAT kind of rainbow…”

“There’s another kind?”

“Defintely, but don’t Google it. One example: instead of nature’s rainbow, a symbolic rainbow. A rainbow about saving nature!”

If you get the chance and have any interest in environmental activism, drop by Rainbow Harbor (yes, Rainbow Harbor… coincidence?) in Long Beach this weekend for a free tour of the Greenpeace vessel, Arctic Sunrise.

Details here

Representatives from Greenpeace, members of the Arctic Sunrise crew, and (I think) local activists will be there to give you a guided tour of the boat (about 40 minutes; with an emphasis on Greenpeace, and urgent state and local issues). Definitely check out the virtual reality video before you board the boat, which focuses on video from the Arctic.

2 thoughts on “Double Your Rainbow Pleasure

  1. Nice heads up.
    If they were vaguely nearby, that’d be an interesting tour…… long as you don’t get harpooned by some angry Japanese fishermen!


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