Camptivities: Camping Cuisine

As promised in a previous post, the only recipes on this blog will be ones that are possible to make while camping (traditional camping, not glamping).

Sorry, peppermint ice cream. Sorry grasshopper bars. Sorry, all the pies and more pies and cakes and more cakes I’ve referenced here over the years. As delicious as you all were, er, I mean, “can be,” you’re… complicated. You require refrigeration and ovens and special equipment.

On the other hand, what you won’t find on this site are those “authentic camping” Dutch Oven recipes, the ones that suggest you build a fire, keep it monitored at the right intensity, and ultimately require you to reach into said fire while balancing a hot, heavy pot that may or may not need live coals heaped on top, and that finally must be dug up, hauled out, and opened at the right time and in the right way, or else either you and/or it will burn…

Not that I refuse to eat what you cook in such a manner, but until you’re done, I’ll be in the hammock over by the first aid kit, with a cold beverage in one hand and a book in the other. Scream if you fall into the firepit.

Point being: No fancy equipment. No labor-intensive equipment. No dangerous equipment.

This is about as rustic as it gets at Campfire Tales.

Cooking while camping should be 1. Easy. So easy, in fact, it should be 2. Simple. And maybe even 3. Fun. (Will you accept, “Fun-adjacent?”)

Plus, almost everything tastes better outdoors. Proven fact.

Camping cuisine is about planning ahead to maximize flavor with minimal effort, despite limited resources. One of those resources are the people you camp with — that’s what makes this a “camptivity.”

Confused? Don’t be. Come back soon for ideas for simple, fun, delicious, crowd-friendly recipes.

Oh yeah! And the ingredients need to be able to be stored in a bear box.

2 thoughts on “Camptivities: Camping Cuisine

  1. Great post. Cooking outdoors looks fun to this city girl. I would like to think sweet treats are possible. The pastry chef in me is intrigued.


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