May Day? Play Day!

Confession: I don’t really understand May Day.

I tried researching it, but the more I read, the more it seems to be whatever you want it to be.

Traditionally, there’s flowers and cake. So if you are into that, here you go.

In Hawaii, they call it Lei Day.Reading that got me thinking (but first, I daydreamt about Hawaii).

Anyway, why can’t I call it Play Day and solve puzzles instead?

Here are a few things that puzzle me.

What’s in the water bottle? What’s in the tomato?

(By the way, that tomato photo was last week. I bought that tomato in March. It STILL looks like that today and it is ROCK HARD. Creepy, huh?)

Where’s Aldo? (Aldo is the spider.)

(It WAS in the very center when I almost walked into it. I can’t study the photo without freaking out. If it’s not in the web, where could it be…?)

Finally, what’s off about this truck?

(By the way, that mirror is of NO USE, especially for checking if there’s a missing spider sitting on your back.)

Happy Play Day!

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