Happy (Belated) Birthday Grand Canyon National Park!

Even though the Grand Canyon is really much, much older, I’d like to take a brief moment and wish a (belated) Happy Centennial to the National Park, which officially turned 100 this past February.

It would be remiss not to add an extra cheer for Teddy Roosevelt, the first champion of the park.

I can’t stop myself! Some of my favorite features…

Yes, I (slightly) adjusted some of these photos. I like to say, “enhanced.”

Here’s a before and (extremely adjusted) after that I really love.


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2 thoughts on “Happy (Belated) Birthday Grand Canyon National Park!

  1. I like your enhanced photo – it has the feel of a black and white photo that has been badly (as opposed to a “They shall not grow old” brilliant) colorized. Which gives the impression that it is a very old photo – if you know what I mean!


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