Grab a Slice

Today may be National Pie Day, yet everyone seems to reaching for something else, between today's Oscar nominations, last weekend's U.S. government shutdown, the upcoming Super Bowl LII, and... Bill Cosby doing stand-up again in advance of his trial! Huh? Anyway, you get my point. Everybody wants their slice. Unfortunately, not all pies are shared. And metaphorically speaking, YOU are … Continue reading Grab a Slice

Peppermint Ice Cream

As promised yesterday: The Snack Shack at the High School Summer Camp I attended many years ago served peppermint ice cream. Every summer, I consumed as many peppermint milkshakes as I could afford. (I could never afford enough.) Other campers followed trends, like the summer everyone got hooked on raw cookie dough, until some counselor's fears of salmonella … Continue reading Peppermint Ice Cream